BackUp Buddy Review

Why It Should Be Your Best Friend

Don’t Lose Any More of Your Information!

Have you ever been updating your website and then *plink* your power goes off and you lose your connection? Maybe you’ve been in the position of updating your site and then you find that after you’ve updated it, you hated it and wanted to restore the old one. Maybe you just have a ton of plug-ins that you are concerned will get reset because of an update. Whatever the case, if you have a site or blog on WordPress, then you need to have BackUp Buddy be your best online friend for keeping track of your information.

With BackUp Buddy, You Can Back Up Your Entire WordPress Install

 Why should BackUp Buddy be your best online friend? Because it simply does it all for you. Save your themes, your widgets, your plug-ins, and even your entire SQL database with BackUp Buddy. Then, when you need the information for whatever reason, you can access it again. The internet is definitely awesome technology, but it isn’t foolproof. We’ve all lost our information that we’ve uploaded at some time or another.

With BackUp Buddy, this isn’t a worry any more because you can get your back up information directly into your e-mail or to one of many Cloud servers which you have an account. If you go down, you can use your back up from BackUp Buddy and be up and moving again in literally minutes.

Why Back Up Your Items When You Can Restore Them?

What makes BackUp Buddy my best friend on the internet is its restore function. There are plenty of back up websites out there they can save your information for you – let’s face it, someone who’s even just a little web savvy can even just save their needed information on their own laptop. Not every back up site can offer the easy restore option that BackUp Buddy does.

You literally just have to upload the BackUp Buddy script and your back up file and then hit the restore button. Easy as that all of your plug-ins, widgets, and themes – along with everything else, are instantly restored. No more long evenings swearing at the computer and ignoring the children.

Easy Migration Features

And if that hasn’t sold you, BackUp Buddy also has an extremely easy migration feature for those of us who build WordPress sites for others. Once you’ve built the site on a temporary domain, with the BackUp Buddy migration plug-in, you can move the site from your temporary domain to whatever live site your client wants. No hassle, no wasted time – just a few clicks and you get paid. You won’t find an easier migration tool… guaranteed.

If you have a WordPress site, then I hope you think about BackUp Buddy. From easy back up options to simple restore and migration features, BackUp Buddy will after just a couple of uses likely become your online best friend too.

BackUp Buddy  Pros:

  • BackUp Buddy  is very Easy to install, configure and restore.
  • It is is not one of those uber geeky things to do. BackUp Buddy is a painless process and if you should run into problems then help is at hand.

BackUp Buddy Testimonial

BackUp Buddy Cons:

  • BackUp Buddy is available for single and developers licence.
  • You can utilize BackUp Buddy on multiple sites with the low cost license, no automatic updates or the ability to ask questions on the support forum.
  • Need to buy a developers licence If you have more than one domain which is more expensive if you want to take advantage of all its features.

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