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Don’t Let Your Wallet Be Eaten Up By One of Their Competitors

In order to be competitive in today’s business world, you simply have to have a web presence. If you were around during the age of free websites and easy setups, you also know and possibly learned that not every website will actually gain traction with your target customers. You need to have a site that is effective, easy to manage, easy to update, and is able to provide access to the information and products that your target visitors want and need.

All of that starts with a quality hosting package – and if you can host your own site, then good for you! However, for the rest of us, we need something that will give us high class quality without a high class price. That’s why HostGator should be at the top of your list.

Unlimited Hosting Under Four Bucks Per Month

If you have ever been in the need of a website, I’m sure you’ve researched plenty of hosting options. Once you start digging through all of the bells and whistles that each server offers, like 24/7 support, some sort of site builder, and dedicated e-mail addresses and such, you get to the catch: it can cost you $10 per month or even more just to get the basic services. And you can’t just operate on the basic services, right?

You need to to have all the expanded options in order to get your site perfect for your customers, which means pretty soon you’re out $500 or more per year just to serve your site. Not with HostGator – you can get everything you need for under four bucks per month. No gimmicks, no catches

Just Plain Easy To Use

What’s great about HostGator is that it is super easy to use. With over 4,500 website templates for those of us who are not HTML fluent, we can get a great looking website that we can easily tailor to our needs with just a few clicks of the mouse. Unlike other servers, they also offer unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth, so if you happen to get millions of hits right away, you’re not going to need to upgrade your system. You also don’t have to worry about hitting minimum traffic numbers either.

Options for Dedicated Servers

If you have a business that simply needs to have a dedicated server, but you’re not in a position to be able to purchase one for yourself or for the business, then HostGator is the way to go. With more than one plan under $300 per month, you can find yourself with the ease and flexibility that a dedicated server brings for your expanding business without having to make the full investment right away.

Even if you have an existing plan, you can transfer your site over to HostGator with ease – with prices like these, the service they have, and the easy tools that can make the most hard up HTML writers like me seem like web designing geniuses, it is definitely worth the look.

HostGator Pros:

  • HostGator is affordable.
  • Boast of a 24/7 Support
  • Offers FREE marketing credits
  • Free cPanel, supports Fantastico, Unlimited Emails and very reliable.

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HostGator Cons:

  • No free domain.
  • Domain registration is quite Expensive
  • Inflexible TOS with rapidly growing sites and non verified accounts.

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